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The Bitcoin triumphed because it solves many problems at the same time. But why we said no one gets with the dominance of the dollar. The world wants a global currency. The elite wants to control the global currency, as always. But it will not be left free to anyone, it should be under control. That is why we said Bitcoin, formidable enemy have.

What we do not understand, we do not recommend it, sorry. For this reason, on March 25, 2013, affirm that we recommended not Bitcoin has formidable enemies and behaves its chart as a bubble: in particular we do not understand the fundamentals of his climb, and saw it as a speculative version. Only operable by traders. Remember, the Bitcoin has formidable enemies who want to destroy it and replace it with your BITCOIN official and governmental 100 controlled to offer it to the world when the time comes. Since this article passed less than 9 months. And suddenly, the Bitcoin COLAPSABA 46 in December 2013. We said to have formidable enemies. And it is so. It is very sympathetic to the idea of a free, democratic, currency in the hands of the people. If you want to invest in that, do so.
The formidable enemies of the Bitcoin began le stick. With current or upcoming Government the type arguments the Bitcoin serves to launder money, evade, financing terrorism, for payment of services of hired assassins, drug trafficking, etc.. China prohibit touching the Bitcoin on their banks.

A power surge very enhanced by a gigantic bubble of debt that is becoming increasingly more large.
Actions this year have been the refuge, and valuations, already high, start to get nervous portfolio managers because of valuation ratios are expensive, from the historical point of view. But, the bag is not refuge. And the world has leveraged more than ever. I say that the level of debt to buy shares is equivalent to 26 commercial loans from USA. This already happened and always ends badly. People buy expensive things, is sobreapalanca and then the music stops sounding: is the game of the Chair. Banking charges. New winners and losers. The investment of the year was the Bitcoin, an asset of real utility for global transactions, but also an asset of speculation (BTCUSD).

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